Lacrosse in Middletown is a 501c3 community organization whose goals are as follows:

  1. Raise the needed Funds to put high school teams on the field of play.
  2. To provide the teams with the needed supplies to have every opportunity to compete.
  3. Support the growth of the sport by introducing the township youth to the fastest growing sport in America.
  4. Be a resource for information regarding clinics, skill development and equipment
  5. Negotiate and communicate with the Middletown Board of Education to insure our kids have the best opportunity to enjoy and succeed both on and off the field. 
L.I.M. is a "Donate To Have" organization. Our success depends on you! Both by direct family donations and by getting involved in our fundraising. Your commitment is critical. Please keep this in mind when determining if lacrosse is a sport you would like your child to become involved in.

This past Spring we were able to put four JV lacrosse programs on the field for the first time in our town's history. At the end of our inaugural season we had 117 active players on the rosters. This amazing feat was only realized because we had a group of parents that believed in our cause.

Lacrosse Web Sites:            

We are writing to provide you some resources to purchase equipment for your kids.  The following websites have some good deals in our view.     

     L.I.M. has negotiated great discounts on Cascade CPX R helmets for both North and South Boys
Please check the following links:


Helmets are advertised at $199.99.  If you email us we will send you a discount code that will save you 20%
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